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Controlled Substances And Listed Chemicals


  • Controlled drug and chemical regulatory guidance and associated services

  • Scheduling • Registration • Manufacture • Import/Export  • Record-keeping • Reporting • Quotas • Security

  • Training designed to meet your needs

  • Assistance with Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies

  • Customized integration of business interests and practices with domestic and international requirements for controlled drugs and chemicals

  • Specialized evaluation, design, and implementation of long-term controlled drug and chemical business strategies

  • Identification and resolution of regulatory challenges

  • Evaluation and design of corporate record-keeping and security systems, procedures, and policies to meet and exceed compliance with federal and state requirements

4911 Heversham Court
Fairfax, Virginia 22032

Innovative Strategies and Solutions

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Fax: (703) 978-0893


Providing services for established 
pharmaceutical and chemical firms,
governments, associations, and
companies entering the controlled drug
or chemical business